Onsite Medical Services for Your Industrial Worksite You Can Rely On

Keeping Your Worksite Safe

Stop Losing Productivity


Reduce shutdown times.


Improve employee morale and wellness.


Maintain a strong safety and wellness reputation.

We have you Covered for Professional Medical Services

Are you worried your workforce doesn’t have the professional medical services required to respond to medical needs? Do your employees have the medical services they require for their wellbeing while at work? Depending on the local rural public health system can slow you down and increase your costs.

We’ve got you covered. We’ve been keeping remote and industrial worksites covered for over 20 years with teams of highly trained and experienced medical professionals along with state of the art equipment. You require a wide range of medical services. We provide all the services your project needs and will customize your plan to your requirements.

The health and wellness of your employees is just as much our business as it is yours.

Why Choose Primco Dene EMS?


Reduce loss of life potential

Show commitment to employee wellbeing

Improve employee time at home by offering clinic appointment during work shifts

Reduce insurance premiums with fire suppression/EMS unit on standby

Clinical & Medical Emergency Services

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Occupational Health & Safety

Get Onsite Medical Services that work for you

Call and get a customized quote

Choose the services you need

Take a sigh of relief knowing your workforce is protected and covered

Get the Emergency Medical Services You Need

With over 20 years of experience, we offer highly qualified medical personnel with state-of-the-art equipment. Our services cover the entire life cycle of a project, from exploration to reclamation. Primco Dene’s experienced professional team and first-rate equipment ensure you and your projects are fully covered.